by Bianca Freda

To me, summer is synonymous with sangria. After all, I can think of few things better than a refreshing cocktail on a hot summer day- especially when it comes with a built in snack.

This MDW, your favorite bevi gets an upgrade. We're swapping the standard white or red for rosé and apples and oranges for watermelon and blueberries. Watermelon juice keeps it relatively low in sugar and added calories so you can keep your buzz on headache-free.

What you'll need:

1 750 ml bottle dry rosé
3c watermelon + its juice
3/4c elderflower liquor (we like St. Germain)
1 pint ripe blueberries
1-2 nectarines, sliced
A handful of fresh mint leaves (optional/ not optional)

Combine rosé, St. Germain, watermelon + juice, blueberries and nectarines. For best results, let it mingle overnight. Garnish with fresh mint and serve chilled over ice.

Bartending not your thing? Swing by the shop Saturday May 27, 2017 1-5PM and join us for a cocktail. We'll be celebrating summer's arrivalInterwoven-style with DJ James Vance, giveaways, and a pretty pink drink.

Bartending not your thing? Swing by the shop Saturday May 27, 2017 1-5PM and join us for a cocktail. We'll be celebrating summer's arrivalInterwoven-style with DJ James Vance, giveaways, and a pretty pink drink.

Written by: Sloane G.

Say it with me. Sunnies. Sunscreen. S'well bottles

by Bianca Freda

Summer is officially among us and we've rounded up our beach bag must-haves to get you through the season. 

1. Bitchstix Big Face SPF 30: because the only thing worse than sunburn is premature wrinkles. Cruelty free and made with certified organic ingredients, this non-GMO sunscreen will protect your face, lips, and body and won't leave you feeling sticky. 

2. Baxter Aluminum-Free Deodorant: no one wants to have to tell their friend they stink. This GQ award winner will have you smelling like a citrus dream while detoxifying and conditioning the skin. Bonus points for the clear solid gel, whichwon't stain or discolor clothing

3. S'well (25oz): we don't have to tell you to stay hydrated- you're smarter than that. Our favorite reusable water bottle stays cold for a full 24-hours (or keeps hot for 12 if you're into that sorta thing) and can hold an entire bottle of rosé. Yes way.

4. Krewe Breton in Zulu Matte Black: we wouldn't be caught dead without a pair of sunnies. Channel your inner (insert celebrity known for wearing fabulous sunnies) in these essential unisex frames (Beyoncé's also a huge fan of the brand). Featuring 100% UVA/UVB protection and a lifetime warranty, these lightweight frames are the perfect addition to any beach bag. 

written by: Sloane G.

Ballin' On A Budget

by Bianca Freda

I love Asbury Park. With great places to eat, drink and shop (wink, wink) I find I have a hard time leaving the bubble. Living in a community cultivated around food and drink, I am unashamed to admit that I believe in brunch and cocktail hour is my favorite hour. If I ever go missing, post my photo at Porta on a Sunday so I know my friends will find me. It's safe to say the only thing I love more than the plethora of vegan pizza options are the $5 mimosa carafes served proudly every Sunday and Monday. 

Yes, you read that right. Porta does Monday Brunday, which is just one of the many amazing deals AP has to offer. In fact, you can get more bang for your buck every day of the week and still have $ to spend at your favorite boutique. 

Pascal and Sabine

Pascal and Sabine

Let's break it down, shall we?

M-F countless restaurants and bars have traditional specials on food and drink. For your daytime drinkers, Porta does happy hour 12-6PM. From 4-7PM Barrio Costero and Brickwall do drinks and snacks, and Pascal and Sabine cuts the cost of their cocktails from 4-6:30PM. 


  • Porta: 12-4PM brunch featuring $5 mimosa carafes (bar only)
  • Barrio Costero: all night "Daily Escape" featuring $5 margaritas, $6 glasses of wine
  • Brickwall: $6 five-piece orders of wings
  • Belmontes: 1/2 priced pasta 


  • Pascal and Sabine: speciality burgers and all night happy hour. You'll find $7 classic cocktails, $5 select wines and $4 beers and most likely... me ;)
  • Barrio Costero: 1 marg + 2 tacos for $12 

WEDS (Wine Wednesday is a thing at various locations. My two faves?)

  • Pascal and Sabine select 1/2 priced bottles
  • Talula's 1/2 off select natural wines
Oh Talula' I love thee

Oh Talula' I love thee


  • Take the night off of drinking and enjoy 1/2 priced pasta at Belmontes 
  • If you're really intent on getting your buzz on, we hear Lola's has a new all night happy hour 

SAT (surprise!)

  • Barrio Costero: hits it out of the park again with a 1-5PM Daily Escape 
  • Pascal and Sabine: 1/2 priced bottles of Veuve Clicquot & Veuve Rosé 11-12PM. Come for the bubbles, stay for the brunch
  • Talula's: $5 mimosas 

SUN (the holiest of all brunch days) 

  • Barrio Costero: all-day Daily Escape translates to $5 margs, $5 house wine, $6 sangria
  • Talula's: $5 mimosas for those of you who missed out on Saturday 
  • Pascal and Sabine: $5 bellinis @ the back bar
  • Porta: $5 mimosa carafes @ the bar 
  • Brickwall: $5 Bloody Mary's and mimosas 11-5PM
yum yum Porta

yum yum Porta

A little toast at Talula's 

A little toast at Talula's 

And let's not forget, you can get a free pizza with your beer at JMacs any night of the week

Written by: Sloane G. 


🤸🏿‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️🤹🏽‍♂️🤽🏾‍♀️2017 Beach badge Giveaway🍉🍍🍉🍍

by Bianca Freda

Don't you wanna enjoy the sun, waves and all that AP has to offer, courtesy of Interwoven???  
I bet you's super simple to enter our drawing



1. When you see a summer themed picture on our Instagram (hint: David Hasselhoff will be in every summer pic) tag your best beach buds.
2. Hashtag this (super simple concise) phrase #Interwoven2017APHasselhoff
3. Sit back, wait and decide who you're gonna share your winnings with. 

*See the Fine Print Below*

Fine Print Area:

The more beach buds you tag, the better your chances of winning

Contest begins Monday 5/8 (be on the look out on insta)

Contest ends Friday 5/26

Winner will be notified Friday 5/26 so you can use your prize MDW

Prize will include TWO 2017 annual AP beach badges,
TWO  reusable Interwoven totes and a $25 gift card to Lush.

With Weather Like This, Who Needs Enemies???

by Bianca Freda

I am an expert in the art of layering.

As someone who's always, always, always cold and hates being hot (judge me), you can find me wearing multiple shirts/ sweaters/ jackets at all times. And while I may draw the line at additional bottoms, I'm not opposed to throwing a pair of skinnies under a dress until Mother Nature commits to 75 degrees and sunny. 

If you, too, feel personally victimized by global warming (deny its existence all you want, we dare you) a perfectly layered look is a tried and true way to maximize your wardrobe. We suggest mixing winter favorites with spring and summer updates like a light-weight denim jacket, sleeveless maxi, or short-sleeve shirt dress. Grab your coziest cardi to throw and go over that new summer jumper you just had to have. 

This season we're loving Thread & Supply's Anorak Jacket in Olive ($68). While orange will never be the new black, greens are definitely the new neutrals. This light-weight, military inspired anorak is a no-brainer paired with jeans and is the perfect compliment to the most femme of dresses. 

We'll be cinching it over everything from this sassy midseason midi in vintage black ($64) to our current denim obsession ($66)



Say hello to Veja...

by Bianca Freda

Meet Veja, the sneaker brand that's making it cool to care about the environment. Haven't heard of them? Don't expect any pop up ads or marketing schemes any time soon. The French company behind these conscious kicks has had a steady rise since their 2004 establishment - ad free. Zero marketing cuts production costs, keeping employee standards as fair as the fair-trade, organic, and raw materials the sneakers are made of. Through Veja style meets sustainability, promoting renewable resources and positive environmental and social change every *step* of the way. 

With sustainability on the rise, the cause for eco-friendly fashion is more prominent then ever. Veja embodies the principle that fashion doesn't have to come at a huge human, social, or environmental cost. And sustainable sneaks don't have to sacrifice style. With Earth Day barely behind us, we strive to continue thinking about fashion’s environmental impact, to educate ourselves (and others) about manufacturing and production, and prioritize ethical designers in our closets. Through Veja, sustainability meets style, which is why you'll find activists like Emma Watson spreading awareness and putting her best foot forward in their Insta-worthy kicks. 

Want a pair of your own? Be your own activist and snag a pair either in store or online. 

  • Veja Holiday Sable Sneakers was: $160 now: $149.95
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Forge & Finish visits Interwoven Asbury Park

by Anthony Freda

The super stylish girls from Philly stopped by Interwoven for a terrific jewelry event. Desiree Casimiro, Emily Kane & Carly Mayer have been making awesome jewelry for a decade now. Their company, Forge & Finish produces 100% made by hand and built-to-last pieces for people who dig beautiful things.

These girls are RAD

These girls are RAD

We were so pumped when we found out that they were going to be visiting our little shop in downtown Asbury Park. We really really love to feature designers that we personally follow, look up to,  and wear their quality goods on a daily basis.  Bianca isn't leaving home without wearing a piece or three made by this super talented crew. 

Some of the goods on display...

Some of the goods on display...

 The cool thing about this event was that it was totally interactive as Asbury Park  shoppers were able to come in and create their own personalized jewels on the spot. I myself made a pendant that I adore. Below is just an example of one of many customer made pieces from that night. 

hand made pendant 

hand made pendant 

We want to thank the Forge and Finish team for stopping by and spending such a fun filled evening with us. Oh and these guys are always down for an on the spot dance party too and we love love love that. Please be sure to support independent artists like Forge and Finish by purchasing their jewelry, checking them out at the local market, or passing on the good word on about their adornments. 


Forge & Finish we love you ! 

Forge & Finish we love you ! 

Behind the seams with G. Tangarife

by Bianca Freda

We think it's important to connect with people and know where the stuff you buy, comes from...

This is the first blog post, where we get to know the designer behind some of our favorite brands we sell at INTERWOVEN. 

We're super excited about this, TANGARIFE!!!  For one, we have a personal connection to the designer (they're our weekend neighbors in Asbury Park) and secondly, we are totally elated that the line of shirts Gabriel created was 100% designed, sourced and manufactured in good ole' NYC.  And if you know anything about manufacturing in NY, it ain't cheap.  Gabriel was able to source superior fabric, design them with incredible attention to detail, all while maintaining a super reasonable price point.

and here it what the designer had to say ...

1. what made you want to create your own clothing line?

The idea that made me create my own line came from my personal shopping experiences as a customer. It seemed that whenever I wanted to buy a new shirt online or at the stores, I couldn’t find what I was looking for.  I had a hard time finding something special.  I saw a lot of the same basic shirts in regular fabrics, or shirts that were overly designed with too many competing details.  So I decided to create my men’s shirts with just a few simple but smart design details to make them sleek and timeless. 

2. when designing, is there a particular muse or person you keep in mind that keeps the process focused?

I have an imaginary muse, which is a combination of fashion icon Nick Wooster and British model David Gandy.  I like the idea of mixing Nick Wooster’s unique street style with David Gandy’s preppiness. When I’m designing, I like to wonder if Nick Wooster and David Gandy would wear what I’m creating.

3. what's your favorite thing to do in NYC? in Asbury Park?

My favorite thing to do in both places is to people watch.  I love to see what people are wearing, how they are wearing it, and how they should not be wearing it;-|.  It also it gives me inspiration and design ideas.

4. what's a trend you are so over?

Oversize travel bags used as gym bags.  They take up too much room on the subway and they are way too dramatic for everyday gym use.  

5. what is a trend you hope never goes away?

Dark blue denim jeans. They always look great and give you the option to dress them with a nice pair of dress shoes or dress more casual with a pair of cool sneakers.


G. Tangarife

G. Tangarife