Say hello to Veja...

by Bianca Freda


Meet Veja, the sneaker brand that's making it cool to care about the environment. Haven't heard of them? Don't expect any pop up ads or marketing schemes any time soon. The French company behind these conscious kicks has had a steady rise since their 2004 establishment - ad free. Zero marketing cuts production costs, keeping employee standards as fair as the fair-trade, organic, and raw materials the sneakers are made of. Through Veja style meets sustainability, promoting renewable resources and positive environmental and social change every *step* of the way. 

With sustainability on the rise, the cause for eco-friendly fashion is more prominent then ever. Veja embodies the principle that fashion doesn't have to come at a huge human, social, or environmental cost. And sustainable sneaks don't have to sacrifice style. With Earth Day barely behind us, we strive to continue thinking about fashion’s environmental impact, to educate ourselves (and others) about manufacturing and production, and prioritize ethical designers in our closets. Through Veja, sustainability meets style, which is why you'll find activists like Emma Watson spreading awareness and putting her best foot forward in their Insta-worthy kicks. 

Want a pair of your own? Be your own activist and snag a pair either in store or online. 

  • Veja Holiday Sable Sneakers was: $160 now: $149.95