Behind the seams with G. Tangarife

by Bianca Freda

We think it's important to connect with people and know where the stuff you buy, comes from...

This is the first blog post, where we get to know the designer behind some of our favorite brands we sell at INTERWOVEN. 

We're super excited about this, TANGARIFE!!!  For one, we have a personal connection to the designer (they're our weekend neighbors in Asbury Park) and secondly, we are totally elated that the line of shirts Gabriel created was 100% designed, sourced and manufactured in good ole' NYC.  And if you know anything about manufacturing in NY, it ain't cheap.  Gabriel was able to source superior fabric, design them with incredible attention to detail, all while maintaining a super reasonable price point.

and here it what the designer had to say ...

1. what made you want to create your own clothing line?

The idea that made me create my own line came from my personal shopping experiences as a customer. It seemed that whenever I wanted to buy a new shirt online or at the stores, I couldn’t find what I was looking for.  I had a hard time finding something special.  I saw a lot of the same basic shirts in regular fabrics, or shirts that were overly designed with too many competing details.  So I decided to create my men’s shirts with just a few simple but smart design details to make them sleek and timeless. 

2. when designing, is there a particular muse or person you keep in mind that keeps the process focused?

I have an imaginary muse, which is a combination of fashion icon Nick Wooster and British model David Gandy.  I like the idea of mixing Nick Wooster’s unique street style with David Gandy’s preppiness. When I’m designing, I like to wonder if Nick Wooster and David Gandy would wear what I’m creating.

3. what's your favorite thing to do in NYC? in Asbury Park?

My favorite thing to do in both places is to people watch.  I love to see what people are wearing, how they are wearing it, and how they should not be wearing it;-|.  It also it gives me inspiration and design ideas.

4. what's a trend you are so over?

Oversize travel bags used as gym bags.  They take up too much room on the subway and they are way too dramatic for everyday gym use.  

5. what is a trend you hope never goes away?

Dark blue denim jeans. They always look great and give you the option to dress them with a nice pair of dress shoes or dress more casual with a pair of cool sneakers.


G. Tangarife

G. Tangarife